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How To Cover a Broken Car Window

Fixing a car window until it can get repaired is not something that anyone likes to do. But it's necessar until you're able to get it to a place for someone to perform a broken car window repair. Below you'll see the best way to cover a broken car window for a temporary fix until you can get the window replaced or repaired.

Broken Car Window - What a Pain!

Anything can happen to break your car’s window, from hail to thieves to crashes and so on. But sometimes you may not be able to fix the window right away which means you need to find out how to cover a broken car window so that you can provide a temporary car window fix. to your broken glass . The reason being is that you probably don’t have the time at the moment, or you need your insurance to do the fixing, whatever your reason, you don’t have to stop using your car until you replace the glass. However, driving around with a broken window is not a good idea either for many reasons. Depending on the laws of your area, doing this might get you arrested.

With a broken window, your car is also vulnerable to the elements and of course any bored peepers who may or may not have a tendency for borrowing stuff (if you know what I mean). To avoid all of these until you can replace car window, you can learn how to cover the broken car window in a few simple steps.

How To Cover a Broken Car Window

What You Will Need to Cover the Window

Covering your car window yourself is not complicated at all, so you certainly won’t need a manual. You will require a few items to make the borken car window cover like packing tape, plastic bag, masking tape and a razor. One point to note is that there are different kinds of tapes that serve different purposes. So it’s not advisable to use duct tape in the place of packing tape just because it’s the most familiar. You can cover the window yourself, but to ensure the covering would be stiff and hold for a while, you will require another pair of hands to help you hold the plastic bag in place while you tape it. Remember this is only temporary until you you can get a broken car window repair.

  • Packing Tape
  • Plastic Bag
  • Masking Tape
  • Razor
  • Gloves
Best Way to Cover a Broken Car Window

Steps to Covering a Broken Car Window

1. Remove Broken Glass

Firstly and for your safety, if the window still has the broken glass intact, you need to remove all of it. You should always use gloves when handling dangerous objects. It’s important to pry out whatever pieces of glass remain on the edges. From there, you can either vacuum or use a dry cloth to wipe glass particles of the car’s door. The main goal is to remove every piece of glass possible from window.

  • Use Gloves
  • Remove Loose Glass
  • Remove Intact Glass
  • Vacuum Glass off Car
Remove broken glass from window

2. Clean Around the Car Window

Vehicles pick up dust fast when driven, and since we are going to use packing tape to cover the window, dust particles must be wiped away or else the tape won’t stick and it will start peeling off later. To ensure that you have removed all dust, just use a wet cloth to wipe out all the areas that will require taping.

  • Remove Dust Particles
  • Use Wet Clothe to Wipe Down
  • Let Dry
Remove Dust from Car Window

3. Applying the Car Window Cover

The use of the masking tape here is to protect the paintwork below the window when you apply the packing tape. You should understand that you will be covering your window from the inside of the car and not outside, why? You don’t want your car to look like some patched up pirate sail, covering from outside will simply be ugly, and the elements (the sun, wind, rain) can easily wear down the taping, and it starts to peel off.

You should also make sure that you are using the right trash bag this may sound strange, and you may roll your eyes and say trash bag is trash bag, but they have a difference. The most kitchen-used trash bags may range from 0.70 to 0.90 mil in thickness, these are called low density. The problem with using low-density bags to cover your window is that after all the hassle, it might puncture before you’ve reached anywhere. A 2.0 mil high-density trash bag should do just fine. You can have your helper inside the car holding the bag against the window frame. The bag should be tightly stretched to avoid sagging and flapping when you drive which may result in a tear.

Begin applying the packing tape from one side of the window with a long strip that completely tapes that side and hangs at the edges. Apply the tape horizontally on the upper part, and all the while keeping the bag stretched. Repeat the process with all the remaining sides. You can re-do the taping over the first one to enhance strength but make sure that there are no gaps left in the tape, and also check if the taping air-seals the window. You should repeat the process on the outside of the window without a new trash bag but tape against the one already in place. Doing this prevents rain from seeping into the car. Bottom-line is, this is broken car window temporary fix, and you should not prolong replacing the broken glass as this is risky to your wellbeing since the car window protects against many things.

Broken Car Window Temporary Fix

That's It! You Fixed It!

After you provided a temporary fix, take it in as soon as possible to get your auto glass replaced. Also, did you know you can use vinegar to clean your windows and windshield?

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