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When running our local windshield replacement Chandler location, it is always our aim to promote it as being one of the best locations in Arizona for Dealer Auto Glass AZ. Our mobile auto glass location in Chandler comes with a A+BBB rating and we take exceptional pride in assisting all of the amazing residents in Chandler.With that in mind, we wanted to use our website to tell you a little more about this beautiful city.

Founded in 1912 and incorporated in 1920, Chandler is a vibrant city located just outside Phoenix, Arizona. As of 2017, the city is home to more than 250,000 people and has an extremely diverse community, which is one of the things that make it such an exciting place to be. With this many residents, our windshield repair Chandler division is busy all year long replacing and repair windshields and auto glass.

Chandler is well known for its strong entrepreneurial scene, with a large number of start-ups and growing businesses being located in the city. From our point of view, it is great to be located in such an innovative and diverse city that also has such a strong community.

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Highlights City of Chandler

The city of Chandler has a great range of amenities and things to do, including something to suit all ages and interests. We are proud of the sheer number of things our city has to offer to residents and visitors alike.

Historic Town

You’ll find many fascinating museums and galleries in the area, including the Arizona Railway Museum, the Zelma Salmeri Gallery and the Environmental Education Center. It’s also well worth visiting the Chandler Center for the Arts, which is one of the most popular attractions in the city and contains a 1,500-seat theatre. Whatever you’re into, it’s the best place to see the latest shows, plays and exhibitions.


For those looking to play sports, get fit or just have some fun, there is the popular Tumbleweed Recreation Center, which offers a wide range of sports and fitness facilities, including an indoor running track and high-tech gymnasium. There is also the Koli Equestrian Center, which offers a great range of horse-riding activities for people of all ages and abilities.

Modern City

As a modern city, Chandler offers a huge variety of shops, restaurants and bars. It is also home to more than 50 parks and outdoor spaces, including Tumbleweed Park and Arden Park. These are the perfect places to enjoy a park and get some fresh air.


If you are a driver in Chandler, the chances are that you’ll need to use an auto glass repair or replacement service at one time or another. Roads in the city are often extremely busy, which heightens that chance of your auto glass becoming damaged by flying objects and pieces of common road debris.


If you need auto glass services in Chandler, we are able to meet your needs and look forward to being of service whenever you need us. We are proud to serve motorists, residents and businesses in our city with friendly, helpful and honest service.

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We strive to do every single thing we can to be a valued member of the area and provide motorists in Chandler with the best possible quality auto glass repair and replacement services. If you need our help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right now.

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