What States Have Free Windshield Replacement?


What states have free windshield replacement? Will it be completely free? What are the requirements? Only a few states offer free windshield replacement. These include South Carolina, Kentucky, and Florida. They waive your vehicle insurance deductible for windshield replacement or repair. They are also known as the zero deductible states.  

Is It Completely Free?

Getting a windshield replacement is not absolutely free. For this, you need to pay for having a comprehensive insurance coverage as the part of your personal vehicle insurance. If you want to claim a free windshield replacement, you will need this sort of coverage, as required by one of these three states. So, make sure that you meet this requirement before claiming for a free windshield replacement.

Is There Any Difference Between State Laws Regarding Deductible Policies?

What States Have Free Windshield Replacement?

Yes, there will be different laws for different states. State law will differ on the grounds for the deductible or which glass can come without a deductible. For example, Florida waives only a deductible for windshields. South Carolina and Kentucky cover all types of glass replacement without a deductible. Earlier, Massachusetts was also in the list of the zero deductible states. But now, there is no such law supporting free windshield replacements.

Before, Massachusetts insurers were able to offer a zero deductible for the glass coverage with comprehensive coverage. In 2008, Massachusetts gave more freedom to the car insurance companies and enabled them to set their own rates and to decide different coverage. After this change, Massachusetts insurance companies add a glass deductible in their comprehensive coverage to offer lower interest rates.  

What Will Be The Role Of Your Insurance Company?

Whether you are living in a zero deductible state or somewhere else, you need to first contact your insurance company. When you find that your windshield is broken or cracked, contact the car insurance company to claim through the comprehensive part of your auto insurance policy.  

Even if you are not staying in a zero deductible state, you need to ask your insurance carrier to know the coverage options. In fact, you should inquire about the deductible before choosing a policy. Some companies waive the deductibles for replacement or repair. So, it is important to choose a company who add deductible in their policies.

If you do not want to pay the deductible while making the claim for the windshield, then it is suggested to compare different car insurance companies to find out the one who offers a $0 deductible for the glass coverage. This is important if you do not live in the zero deductible states.

Although you might need to spend more on insurance, it’ll be worth it in the long run to opt for comprehensive plans. This is especially if you live in an area that is prone to windshield damage.

Bottom Line

What states have free windshield replacement? There are three zero deductible states. They include South Carolina, Kentucky and Florida. You need to do proper research on the coverage to avoid any confusion prior to filing a windshield replacement claim. Also, choose the right insurance company for better coverage. In the event where you must get your windshield replaced and don’t know where to get it done, auto glass pros at Dealer Auto Glass AZ offer premier windshield replacement services.

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