Types of Glass Cracks – What Causes Them?


There are different types of glass cracks. When some are accidental, others are spontaneous.  You will find four types of glass cracks that more most common. These are impact cracks, stress cracks, edge damage, and spontaneous cracks.  The details of the four types are followings.

Types of Glass Cracks

Impact Cracks

The glass is prone to break. However, you do not like your glass to break. It will affect the appearance and safety of your overall home.  The breakage pattern will vary depending on the mass and speed of the ball and the thickness and size of the glass. A well-hit hardball thrown on annealed glass can cause circular puncture breakage with deriving outward from the point of impact.

Types of Glass CracksBroken glasses are dangerous. They can cause serious injuries. It is always suggested to take the help of experts to remove the broken glasses. They will tape the shards using duct tape. After doing this, they will carefully remove the entire glass.  If you want to do it on your own, then first remove the upper shards and then you can try to remove the lower ones. While doing so, make sure is that your hand is protected with heavy rubber gloves. In addition, protect your eyes, head, and feet.

Stress Cracks

Heat strengthened glass and annealed glass get this type of cracks. It emanates from the edge. It happens to release stress from the glass.  Some cases, it can be misleading. When the annealed becomes subjected to the thermal fluctuations and creates more glass than its capabilities, the glass starts to crack to relieve the stress. It happens due to the design failure. However, there can be a real breakage than stress cracks.  One can notice the difference from the edge of the glass. If there is a breakage, you will find chips.

Edge Damage

Edge damage is a type of tempered glass damage.  The tempered glass breaks with the purpose of releasing internal compression and tension. Auto Glass America says during this process, it creates a glass breakage pattern. That is known as the cubes.  When the glass breaks due to the internal pressure, it makes piles of the little cubes. You should never try to gather those cubes.  You should take the professional help to get rid of those cubes.

Spontaneous Breakage

Spontaneous breakage happens in the tempered glass.  However, it is rare in the nickel sulfide inclusions. The common type of spontaneous breakage in tempered glass happens in the showerTypes of Glass Cracks doors.  The reason is that these doors are exposed to banging against bumpers and gets heat from your shower. Sometimes, the glass explodes without any prior indication.

These are some key types of glass cracks. All the glasses are different and come with some unique elements. When some glasses cannot withstand harsh conditions, others need space to get relief from compression. All these factors cause glass cracks.


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