What are 3 Piece Wheels – Cast and Forged Wheels


With so many auto parts manufacturers, you can be lost and overwhelmed when you go shopping. There is a lot you may not know about wheels. For instance, what are 3 piece wheels? When you go shopping, you can only hope to get the best quality wheels. That’s not always the case, you can get replicas, and your money goes down the drain. 

What are 3 Piece Wheels

This post will take you through the subject of 3 piece wheels. You will get to know the differences between cast and forged wheels. You will also be informed about flow forged wheels as well. After you read this post, you will not be buying the right wheels for your car. 

Cast WheelsWhat are 3 Piece Wheels

To make cast wheels, molten aluminum is poured into a preset mold. It is then left to cool down completely. When it is cold and hard, technicians will drill and trim it to a perfect shape. 

However, there is just one downside with this method of making wheels: the issue of porosity. As the aluminum cools, it leaves air pockets. The air spaces are points of weakness. To correct this, experts use larger tolerances. The result is heavier wheels, but ones that will do the job.

One of the merits of this wheel-making method is that it is an affordable option, saves time, and the best for mass production. There is a misconception that cast wheels are not good, but it is not true. The wheels are ideal for light trucks as well as general street use. It is only true that cast wheels are not suitable for heavy vehicles, and that is where the misconception comes about. 

Forged Wheels

There are two methods for forging wheels: mold-form and machine forging. Of the two, machine forging is more popular. 

  • Machine Forging: A piece of billet aluminum is exposed to immense pressure and very high temperature. The end-product is a billet that is stronger than the original form. It is then trimmed and refined into a desirable shape. 
  • Mold-form Forging: It is different from the machine forging method in that the shape of the wheel is formed during the forging process. The interior and exterior of the wheel are subjected to massive force to be in perfect shape. This forging results in more strength within the wheel.

The Middle Ground

When it is not cast or forged, a wheel can be flow forged. This is like the middle ground between the two extreme wheel opposites. Flow forged wheels start with a cast wheel, which is finely pressed to be lighter and narrower. 

For those who want wheels stronger than the cast type of wheel but less expensive than the forged wheels; the flow forged wheels are your solution. You get the middle ground of cost and strength. 

In Conclusion

No more scratching your head asking yourself what are 3 piece wheels. When you choose wheels, go for what fits into your needs. Remember to steer clear from replicas that are not worth your money and time. If you go with forged wheels, you get maximum strength, but at a high cost. Cast wheels are not that strong, but they come cheaper. Flow forged wheels are at the middle and a good balance of strength and value. When you are making changes to your car, have it be your windshield or your tires, be sure to make an appointment.

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