How to Remove Stickers From Your Car Window

Those pesky window stickers! Window stickers are notoriously difficult and stubborn to remove, but with the right approach, it doesn’t have to be a frustrating task that takes all day. Whether it’s an old towing sticker, a dealer advertising sticker or a gaudy window decal left on by the previous owner, here’s how to remove stickers from your car window without breaking a sweat or causing damage to the glass surface…

1.    Clean the window

Begin by cleaning the window with a cloth and some warm water. If there are any tough stains on the window, you may also want to use a specialist window cleaning solution. Making sure that the window is completely free from dirt will make the removal process easier and make it simpler to spot any leftover residue or marks that remain on the window.

2.    Peel away the sticker

Once you have thoroughly cleaned the window, use your hands to carefully peel the sticker away from the glass. Try to do this as slowly as possible in order to keep the sticker intact and make the task easier. Remember: more haste, less speed!

If the sticker is relatively new, you may find that it comes away without too much effort, but don’t worry if it is difficult or comes off in tiny pieces. If the sticker refuses to budge, try heating it for a few minutes by holding a hot hair dryer a few inches above the sticker. You might also want to use a plastic scraper instead of just your hands. Note: Be careful not to scratch the window or damage the heating elements (if applicable).

3.    Remove the adhesive residue

To remove the adhesive residue, wet the area with some warm soap and water and then scrape at it using a plastic scraper. If this doesn’t work, you can also purchase special adhesive removers from your local hardware store. If you take this approach, be sure to read the instructions on the bottle carefully and apply with care. Should you are worried about damaging paintwork or trim, make sure you cover it up before applying the product.

4.    Clean the window

Finally, give the window another clean using soap and water using the process in the video above. This will remove any leftover residue and leave a completely clean finish.

Repeat if necessary

We’ve shown you how to remove stickers from your car window, but one thing to keep in mind throughout is that they can sometimes be quite stubborn and difficult to remove. This is especially the case with older stickers or external stickers that use stronger adhesives.

If necessary, repeat the above steps a few times until you completely remove the sticker. It can be quite a lengthy process, so perseverance and patience is key!

Note: We hope that this guide helps, but please be aware that we are not responsible for any damage caused by following these steps. Always proceed with care and ensure that you have the right tools for the job. If in doubt, please contact an auto glass professional or visit our auto glass shop in Phoenix today!

Windshield Replacement & Repair in Phoenix: Your Questions Answered

If your vehicle has a cracked or damaged windshield, it is absolutely imperative to get it replaced or repaired as quickly as possible. While the process is usually quick and relatively simple, you might also have some questions about it.

Do I really need to get a windshield replacement or repair?

Small Chip in the Windshield

If the damage to your windshield seems minuscule, it can be tempting to ignore it and put it to the back of your mind. The problem with this, however, is that a small chip can soon turn into a large crack. Which can be both dangerous and end up costing you more money in the long run. While a chip can usually be repaired at minimal cost, more significant damage will usually require the replacement of the whole shield. The sooner you get the windshield damage inspected, the more likely it is that a repair can be carried out.

Can the damage be repaired?

Without carrying out a full inspection of your windshield, it’s basically impossible to accurately say whether or not the damage can be repaired. Many smaller chips or cracks can be successfully repaired to a high standard. However, it does depend on factors such as the severity and location of the damage. Your Phoenix auto glass repairer will be able to advise on what can be achieved, however, a general rule of thumb is that anything smaller than the length of a $5 bill may be able to be repaired.

Will the repair be invisible?

A repair will make the damage safe and stop it from spreading further across your windshield. However, there is a chance that there may still be a small blemish on the glass after the repair has been completed. This won’t affect your ability to drive the vehicle and is often hard to see unless you specifically look for it.

Can I get the work done through my insurance policy?

For those of you looking to keep costs to a minimum, the good news is that most windshield repairs and replacements in Phoenix can be carried out through your vehicle insurance policy. A word of caution: Make sure you watch out for the excess stated in your policy wording and check whether it really makes sense to go through your insurance company.

What about doing a DIY repair?

You’ve probably seen those DIY auto glass repair kits commonly found in auto shops. While these look good on the shelf and cost a minimal amount, windshield repair is a job that is much better tackled by a trained professional who can carry out the work to a high standard and ensure the safety of the repair.

Which auto glass company should I choose?

There are many windshield replacement and repair firms in Phoenix, Arizona. Many who will come to your house or place of work to carry out the work. When picking one, do some research and remember to choose an experienced auto glass company with a good reputation for carrying out high-quality workmanship. Also, make sure they have a good Lifetime Warranty. All good companies should have one. Check out our video below for more info.


Ever Wonder What Windshields Are Made Of?

You might love your car and appreciate its purpose, but there is a big chance you never stopped and looked at your windshield. If somebody would ask you “what is a windshield made of?” you’d say simply “it’s made of glass”. The see-through object in front of you car is not just a piece of glass. It is a safety object that protects you from wind, rain, dust, rocks, debris. If there was no windshield, particles of dust (especially where we live in Phoenix, Arizona) would get into your eyes and make you weep why no one ever invented the windshield. Beside this, if there was no windshield, you would be severely hurt in even minor accidents. Now that we made sure you understand the practical importance, let’s see how windshields became what they are today.


History of the Windshields

As we have said, it is not “just glass”. Although glass has been used for over 7000 years, glass alone is not the best protection. First windshield was invented in 1904. First windshields were made of plain glass and this hasn’t shown to be good choice. Glass windshields were easy to shatter and therefore were not safe. Tempered glass was harder than regular and this was second choice of manufacturer. It was a better choice, but jet, not the best. Over the years numerous accidents have shown that this still is quite fragile and that windshield production needs improvement. This improvement came in shape of laminated glass. Windshields before laminated glass were fragile and this extra layer in between gives windshield the flexibility and is crucial for safety of the passengers.

Laminated Glass

Laminated safety glass is the best car industry could give us so far. Two layers of glass and one plastic layer of poly-vinyl butyral in between them are maximum of safety provided from where we stand. Maybe in ten years they will invent something more resistant, but for our century, this is the best we can get.

Why is three-layer constitution of windshield important? Not because of flexibility, but because of the fact that the windshield is literary holding the roof of the car. Stronger the windshield, less chances that roof will end up on the passenger seats. Having a stronger windshield also limits the amount of windshield chips that you will get throughout the vehicles life. Chad Alexander who owns Dealer Auto Glass AZ in Phoenix, Arizona, has said they have seen a huge decrease in windshield replacements in Phoenix because of these stronger windshield.

Glass Production

What is glass made of? Glass consists of soda ash (Na2 CO3), dolomite ((CaMg)(CO3)2), cullet, silica sand (SiO2) and limestone (CaCO3). Small quantities of potassium oxide and aluminum oxide are often added. This is an interesting process which includes “Float method” of making the windshield. Glass is made of water and the elements we mentioned before – silica sand, soda ash, dolomite, limestone and cullet. These are melted at extremely high temperatures and mixed with water. After the “float chamber” with molten layer, it is transported on rollers. Glass cools down gradually and is later cut using diamond tools, since diamond is the hardest rock mankind knows and edges of these cutters are very precise.

In later process, windshields are made of this glass and the special plastic layer we have mentioned above. They are shaped and come in many different sizes. They can be tinted and with special sensors. To find out more about the process of windshield making, visit and watch some of the great industrial videos on “ how its made” topics.