Keeping Car Clean Between Washes – Tips from a Pro

Keeping car clean between washes? Trying to do this before the next wash is easier said than done. We usually get so busy from time to time that we forget to do some things, which include keeping our cars clean. That’s why this article will go over some practical tips on how to keep your car clean for longer before the next wash. After all, we probably use our vehicles on a daily basis, and It doesn’t feel comfortable to sit in a messy car. Below are a few tips on how to do so:

Keeping Car Clean Between Washes

Keeping Car Clean Between Washes

Don’t Eat Inside Your Car

Unfortunately, most people are victims of this bad habit. Eating inside your vehicle is among the things that bring a lot of dirt into your vehicle. You might throw out the food wrappers immediately after eating, but that wouldn’t help a lot. Think of all the stains and crumbs that are left behind. In case you want to keep a clean and shining vehicle, you’d better stop eating inside your car.

Hang a Litter Bag Inside Your Car

Even if you don’t eat inside your car, you can always find some junk lying around. Hanging a litter bag behind your seat may be the best solution when it comes to dealing with this problem. The litter bag can be used for water bottles, papers, and any other litter that may accumulate in your car. When the bag is full, simply remove it from your car and throw it away. It’s that simple!

Shake Off Dirt From Your Shoes Before Getting In

Obviously, you can’t get into your car with 100% clean shoes, particularly during heavy rainfall or snow season. Although you might reduce the amount of dirt taken into your car by simply sitting down on the seat of your car while shaking your legs outside. Then knock your shoes together or on solid ground to get any remnants off. This should at least shake off the mud and snow particles from your feet.

Wash Your Car Mats Regularly

Even if you strictly adhere to the tips mentioned above, you can’t fully protect your car’s floor mats from getting soiled. The good thing is that these mats are very easy to clean. Simply use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the big chunks of dirt. Then scrub the mats using a brush soaked in soapy water and allow them to dry. Do this on a regular basis, and you’ll be able to keep them clean and neat.

Park Your Car Inside a Garage

If you’re fond of leaving your car outside all the time, you’ll realize that your car needs proper cleaning more frequently. Keeping it inside the garage is a nice way of protecting it from dirt caused by mother nature. In case you don’t have a garage, look for some enclosed space or a vehicle cover. It will assist in keeping the vehicle clean and maintaining its original paint.

Next Steps

These are ways of keeping car clean between washes and recommendations for keeping your car clean for longer. Some simple tips include: not eating inside of your car, hanging a litter bag in your car, shaking off the dirt off of your shoes, and others. By doing so, you’ll be able to notice a drastic difference from when you weren’t maintaining your car to now.

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