Do Dealerships Replace Windshields?

Do dealerships replace windshields? Yes, now you can replace the windshield with a dealership. There was a point in time when a crack in the windshield would leave no option other than replacement. Modern technology has made it possible to repair the windshields without having to get an entire replacement. Although when the damage is severe or the crack has turned into something more, that is when you’ll need a replacement.

Do Dealerships Replace Windshields?

What Are The Options?

The options on whether you should get your windshield repaired or replaced with depend on the location, size, and severity of the damage. You can repair up to three inch long cracks. If the damage is more than this, then a replacement will be the ideal choice.

The location of the damage will also have a role in the option that you should decide to use. When the crack is at the edge, it will spread quicDo Dealerships Replace Windshields?kly and affect the structural integrity of the windshield as well. In this case, you should opt for a replacement.

When the damage happens in the driver’s line of vision, a repair might not be an ideal option. Regardless of location and size, it is suggested to repair the crack quickly to avoid further damage if the crack is affecting the driver’s vision. Also, if you delay the repair, dirt will accumulate in the damaged area and that will affect the clarity of the repair.

What Will Be the Cost?

Do Dealerships Replace Windshields?

The cost will be pretty standard all over the country. A survey conducted by MSN Autos found that the repair cost is fairly consistent across the country. For a single rock chip, you’ll need to spend anywhere from $40-$50 and will have to add $10 more for additional chips. You will have to spend almost the same to repair the cracks, although the cracks might need special treatment when they are longer than three inches long. The price will also vary significantly depending on the vehicle and type of windshield glass it has.

Where Is the Best Place to Get this Job Done?

You will find many possible options to repair your windshield. Some popular options are through an automotive glass specialist such as Dealer Auto Glass AZ, new car dealer, windshield repair facility, general glass service, and mobile glass repair & replacement service.

Will My Insurance Cover Repairs?

Yes, your insurance will cover both the repair and replacement, but the coverage will be handled differently for repairs and replacements. For a replacement, you need to pay the deductible and the company will pay the replacement cost completely. However, you will not have pay deductible for repairs.

How Does Repair Work?

While repairing, technicians will inject a special resin into the damaged area by using a special tool. The resin will polish and restore the clarity and strength to the glass. When there is damage in the crack, the resin will be injected by using a drill to make a passageway to the inner layer of plastic.

Bottom Line

So, do dealerships replace windshields? You can get your windshield replaced by a dealership, but you also have other options as well. Some other places where you can get your windshield replaced include an automotive glass specialist, windshield repair facility, general glass service, or a mobile glass repair and replacement service.

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