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Thousands of happy drivers! Not all windshield replacement Phoenix and windshield repair companies are the same.

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Lifetime Windshield Replacement Warranty

Our quality and award winning service is backed by the Nation's best lifetime warranty in the auto glass industry. It doesn't get any better than that when it comes to auto glass.

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It's All About Our Auto Glass Customers

Going above and beyond to ensure that meet or exceed your expectations is the foundation of what our Dealer Auto Glass AZ was built on. 7 days a week, anytime and anywhere!

Your Time is Important

Your Time Is Important

We come to you at any time and anywhere because we fully understand that your time is important. We never take your time for granted and are here 24/7 for your convenience!

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We make it so easy and take care of everything for you. Don't let just anyone replace or repair your auto glass, it will make a difference.

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Thousands of happy drivers! Not all windshield replacement Phoenix and windshield repair companies are the same.

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Award winning for mobile auto glass replacement Phoenix and surrounding areas! At DEALER Auto Glass AZ, going above and beyond to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied is the foundation of what our company was built on. Serving all areas of the Valley, our premier mobile windshield replacement Phoenix service comes directly to you, wherever you are, 7 days a week. We genuinely enjoy and are proud of the long-lasting relationships that we have developed with Valley residents all over Arizona.

Our exceptional approach to, and passion for windshield repair and windshield replacement Phoenix has been at the heart of our strategy for building the Valley's #1 auto glass company in Phoenix and surrounding areas. If you are not a repeat customer, you will soon see our reputation out in full force!

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Expertise matters when it comes to replacing or repairing any windshield. Our expert trained and CERTIFIED technicians use only the highest grade of products and materials to ensure a quality installation that meets or exceeds your expectations - Guaranteed. This is backed with assurance by our LIFETIME WARRANTY, the Nation's best warranty in the industry.

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We know and fully understand that your time is precious - down to the last second. Which is why we come to you - 7 days a week, anytime and anywhere. In addition, not only will we nail down a specific time frame for your appointment when scheduling, but for additional convenience on the morning of the appointment, our technicians will reach out to you in order to provide an even more accurate time of when they should arrive.

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Quality Matters in Auto Glass

As one of the most structural components on your vehicle, your auto glass replacement or repair QUALITY is extremely important to your safety, which makes it the utmost importance to us. Using only OEM or OEM-equivalent Auto Glass (the best in industry), in addition to the most advanced primer and adhesives available, our auto glass technicians are able to replace or repair your windshield to the highest of safety ratings - Guaranteed - and backed by our LIFETIME WARRANTY, the Nation's best warranty.

We have the the ability to replace or repair your windshield to the highest of safety ratings - Guaranteed

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If you don't want us to come to you, stop by today and our local auto glass Phoenix shop. Dealer Auto Glass of Arizona is a local business that is family owned and operated and is one of the top auto glass and windshield replacement companies in Phoenix.

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A Quick Guide to Windshield Replacement & Repair in Arizona

Driving around with a cracked or chipped windshield is extremely dangerous. If the damage is left unrepaired, there is a real risk that the crack could quickly spread – or even worse, that your windshield could shatter completely. If your vehicle has a damaged windshield, it is absolutely essential to get a windshield replacement or repair to fix problem as soon as possible.

Ever Wonder What Windshields Are Made Of?

You might love your car and appreciate its purpose, but there is a big chance you never stopped and looked at your windshield. If somebody would ask you “what is a windshield made of?” you’d say simply “it’s made of glass”. The see-through object in front of you car is not just a piece of glass. It is a safety object that protects you from wind, rain, dust, rocks, debris. If there was no windshield, particles of dust (especially where we live in Phoenix, Arizona) would get into your eyes and make you weep why no one ever invented the windshield.

How A Chip In Your Windshield Can Lead To A Long Crack

Windshields are of great importance when it comes to the safety of your car. It protects the driver and passengers in the car from dust, dirt, wind, pebbles, rain and snow. On the other side, windshields also support the roof of your car, providing protection in case of roll over. Keeping your windshield in good condition is extremely important. Noticing every scratch, chip or crack can save your life without exaggeration.

The Benefits of Mobile Auto Glass Companies

Damaged auto glass can be a major safety issue. It can decrease your visibility as a driver and seriously compromise your safety in an accident – and of course, it is also extremely unsightly! Whether the damage is on your windshield or the side/rear windows, cracked or chipped auto glass should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible to protect your safety. This applies to even the smallest chip because it can soon spread and become a much bigger issue.

Why You Should Get Your Auto Glass Repaired Quickly

Picture the scene. You are driving along the highway and suddenly you hear a loud bang. A rock has flipped up and hit your windshield, thereby causing a small chip to appear in the glass. The damage seems small, so you continue to drive and put it to the back of your mind. In this scenario, ignoring the damage is a big temptation. But while you probably have other things to think and worry about, damage to your auto glass is something you should really deal with immediately…

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